How do I buy your proxy?
You need to top up your account balance.
What payment providers do you work with?
We work with: WebMoney, Yandex.Money, QIWI, Bitcoin, Robocassa (VISA, MasterCard ).
How fast can I get my proxy/VPN working?
You can download proxy list in txt/url format or VPN configuration in your account within 10-15 minutes after we receive the payment.
What format do I get my proxy/VPN in?

Standard proxies are provided in txt or url, this proxies are attached to your IP adress. You can indicate your IP adress during registration process or you can simply tell it to our support team later.
Private proxies are provided in IP format: a port with ability to be attached via IP adress or via credentials.
VPN are provided in file configuration format (.ovpn) for OpenVPN.

Can I test your proxy for free?
Currently we do not provide free testing period. However there is a refund option on Standard proxy weekly and monthly palns.
How many threads can I use?
By default the packs have 500 threads, but you can extend thread limit up to 4k on most of the packs for additional cost. Please contact support for more details.
How often are your proxies updated?
Standard proxy - up to 30% of IP adresses are renewed every 2 hours.
Private proxy - are static during all usage period.
How many devices can I use Proxy with?
Each proxy is attached to a certain IP adress, however you can buy additional IP adresses for 50% of initial plan price.
How many devices can I use VPN with?
VPN Is following a principal of 1 country - 1 device. For example you can set Spanish VPN on yor PC, German VPN on your smartphone, USA VPN on your tablet.
Can I pause proxy?

There are no free pauses on daily packages.
There is 1 pause in weekly package.
There are 5 free pauses in monthly packages.

How do I launch VPN?
  • Download OpenVPN client from official website and install it.
  • Download configuration files in your account.
  • Switch to a folder where OpenVPN configuration files should be stored - C:\ProgramFiles\OpenVPN\config, input the configuration file that you've earlier downloaded from your personnal account in this folder.
  • Launch OpenVPN-GUI.
  • Open programm menu in tray. Select connection tab.
  • A connection log window will open.
  • After a successful connection a hint will appear.
Any questions left?
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